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Ciao a tutti, sono Thuy (Twee),

Sono nata in Vietnam, cresciuta in Italia, ho passato un bel periodo in California ed ora sono tornata in Italia.

Alla veneranda eta’ di 30 anni ho capito che la mia passione duratura e’ la cucina, e la sto complementando con un’interesse amatoriale per la fotografia.

Ho sempre utilizzato internet come una grande risorsa, ma ora penso che sia il mio momento to give back qualcosa anche agli altri. Le poche cose che so le condivido volentieri e sono sempre aperta ad impararne altre!

Questo e’ un blog appena nato, ha bisogno di guida e ispirazione. Chi mi da una mano?

Chao Ciao,



Hello there!

This is where I write something about me, isn’t it? First of all, I started my life in the far far East, grew up in Italy and moved to California for a while and then back to Italy. I’m a living compendium of East and West!

I guess my adventures in the kitchen began a long time ago, during the long, long summers babysitting my younger siblings. We had inherited a couple of Wilderness Explorer’s survival books and Grandma Duck’s cookbook. Left to our own devices for entertainment, we would seek shelter from the harsh afternoon sun indoors and attempt some of the more appealing recipes. Countless failed attempts dotted our progress but we were never daunted by half baked cakes or hopelessly soggy, inedible crepes. I would like to say that we occasionally had some success, but my memory is rather saturated with the times we tanked spectacularly.

No matter, I believe those times spent utterly trashing our parent’s kitchen are the genesis of our collective passion for food and cooking. My interest in food and cooking began in earnest while living in California, where I had the opportunity of sampling tons of different cuisines at their best.

It would be “several” [ahem] years later, as a newlywed who frequently charred frozen pizzas and served what guests had the grace to declare “the worst coffee in the universe”, that my interest in learning how to properly feed myself and the spouse would rise again. Do not fear! In my case at least, (tons of) practice did help. What I feature on these pages are usually recipes that have been honed and perfected by tradition and/or the magic touch of pros and people who have far more experience than yours truly.  I’ll never be able to come up with a brand new recipe because 1) I cannot bring myself to eat horribly messed up food borne out of experimentation and  2) I abhor wasting food! But I can follow instructions and make simple tweaks  ^_^

This blog chronicles some of my present experiments dabbling with some of the Asian cuisines (especially Vietnamese cuisine), Italian regional dishes and more!

I hope you have fun along the ride.



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