Gizzi Erskine’s Creamy Smoked Salmon & Peas Spaghetti

By: Conviviando

Apr 22 2010

Category: Pasta

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I read of this recipe via [The Good Mood Food blog] (  by Donal Skehan.  Have to say that I’m crazy about this new wave of cooks/stylist and all around creative people who are such an inspiration to young people everywhere.

When I first saw the picture on Donal’s blog I decided to try it right away. Ran to the store to get fresh peas and cream, called on my kids to do the shelling [they had a blast] and whipped up the dish in no time.

The reception by in laws and kids was enthusiastic, which speaks volumes about the goodness of this recipe. Some of my Italians are quite cautious with their approach to anything less than traditional.


Sunday family dinner update:

I tried a variation to Gizzy’s creamy sauce and it turned out a bit lighter but equally good.

  • Omitted the fava beans [broad beans] and the lemon zest because the little kiddies preferred it that way.
  • Put the fresh peas in the boiling water 10 minutes ahead of the pasta.
  • Used 1 whole egg and half a tub of fresh ricotta mixed with salt, pepper and parmesan for the sauce.

Rave reviews by my somewhat picky sister in law and second helpings by her companion husband. Yay!


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