Even French ONIONS are pretty! 

By: Conviviando

Feb 24 2010

Category: Blabbing, Uncategorized

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I have a paper bag full of my latest booty from the fruttivendolo: french onions from France..Call me shallow but I just couldn’t resist taking home these picture perfect specimens and treat them with the reverence they inspired.  I’m making French onion soup to warm up this dreary-cloudy-raining morning. Slowly stewed and carefully caramelized, these beauties  will make for a beautiful and hearty lunch.

Look at them and guess which one is the slightly envious Italian cousin.

I knew as soon as i would present them as French onions that the parochialism innate in every Italian as a reaction to anything on the other side of the Alps would kick in. As anticipated, my husband’s theory explaining the extraordinary good looks of these onions is that they have that the pearlescent glow of their thin skin was due to nuclear contamination…


After lunch update:  the celebrated globes really do have an exceptionally delicate flavor (if that could ever be said for an onion..


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